Hello world!

It is a great feeling to see the progress that is being made with The Positively Beautiful Fashion show Los Angeles.  I am humbled to see the beautiful people who are giving their time and love to helping this show be as great as I see it in my head. I am sure many hearts will be touched. This is what I feel God has called me to do. I have a voice, a virus, and a vision. I have to put the three thing together and make my mark on this world.

It took a lot for me to look in a mirror and like the image that was reflected. My skin was covered with the negative words that society has fed to me. There were plenty of times that I sat up late at night crying because I lacked the courage it took to make the most cowardly move I could think of. life may hurt but the fear of the pain of ending it hurts even more. I still have nights that I cry as I fight thought of suicide. Its at those moment that I hear my mother telling me to be strong. I dry the tears from my eyes, look up to the heavens and see the faces of all the Angels who watch on as I go thru these moments. I hear them tell me that they need me to live the life they no longer have. I must carry on their memory. I must share their stories. I must pass on the love that they unselfishly gave to me. I must speak the words that they can no longer speak. It is up to me to carry the torch and show the world that HIV/AIDS can happen to any one who is not careful.

Mary, Chavella, Ariel, Jonathan, Baby Raymond, Grant, Baby Michael, Andrea, Raytasha, Ryan, Alphonso, Ms. Shirley, Sandra, and so many others whos faces I still see in my dreams but names I can not recall. they have each became a feather in my wings to help lift me up when I’m to weak to lift myself

I may not feel it at times but I know,

Lynnea is Positively Beautiful!

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