I Do?

I never got a ring.I was never even dignified with the question of will you marry me and yet I have been joined eternally to my enemy.

If some guy so much as catches my eye then this unwanted husband of mines comes running out baring unloaded guns screaming LEAVE MY WOMEN ALONE! SHE IS TAKEN. Its unloaded I explain as I watch my potential lover walk away. My chest is filled with pain as my heart continues breaking

My heart has been highjacked. My love tainted. My affection stained by the most beautiful beet red dye and no matter how hard I scrub it wont come clean.


How is this legal when I was never asked “Do you?” I never stated my vows never wore a veil yet my romantic get aways and lavish dinners have been replaced with hospital visits, vials of tainted blood, a life time supply of pills, and a mile high stack of paper work to avoid ridiculous medical bills.

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