Her Break


give her a break

she raised 4 kids on limited resources, and never got the fancy house, car, or clothes

abused by the man who claimed to love her

used by her very own mother

suffered the lost of all her male children 1 never made it out of his crib

shes stood in line after line seeking assistance

all this and yet life continues to throw her lemons

she is my strength my role model my image of how to overcome

AIDS didn’t stop her lymphoma wont either

where is her break?

April 9th, 1985 her break was born.

I am her break I try to be a ray of light on her dark and gloomy days.

I can’t carry her load or play her role but I can be her cheer squad

I can be her support I can share with her a smile and a laugh

I can hold her hand and be a friend encourage her to fight and continue to stand

I am her break and I thank god for allowing me to be!

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