The story of Jim (part1)

Jimmy and I met while I was taking up cosmetology at Los Angeles Trade Tech. He was a part of the Black Student Union. I don’t remember what position he held but he was so hyped about his role that he wanted every Black student at the school to join. He approached me while I was on my break from class and asked me if I wanted to join. I took the pamphlet from him and began to read it. He informed me that there was a $1 fee for joining the BSU and he offered to pay it for me in exchange for my phone number.

He and I began to hang out during my breaks and he asked me if he could take me out on the weekends some times. I agreed and that was the beginning of our relationship, nothing serious or formal we just went out to eat or to the movies and he would drive me home from school every now and then. One day he told me he was going to New York for a few days. I asked why? He said his ex-wife left there 5 children with her mother and he felt he had to go get them so that he could take on the role of dad. I wasn’t very upset since I knew I also hadn’t been very honest with him. I just said ok and I asked him to keep me informed on when he was leaving. a few days had gone by and I felt it was time to tell him my secret. He and I were seeing each other for about 4 months. I just said to him “I have something I need to tell you I was born with HIV and if you don’t want to talk to me any more I understand” His response was simple. He said “I feel sorry that you have to deal with that but I still like you” I cried and felt relieved by the fact that he didn’t get mad at me. School was out a few days after that and he left to New York. when he got back with the children I was thrilled to meet them. The twin girl were 2, the twin boys were 4, and the oldest girl was 6. I knew he was going to have a hard time with the children so I offered him my support in any way he needed it. I did the girl’s hair in braids and I went to his house and cooked for them at least twice a week. on the 4th of July I bought swim suits and beach towels for each of the kids, I bought food, a few water guns and water balloons and we had a picnic on the beach. I was the first time the kids ever went to the beach and we all had a great time.

Things were going great until one day he just stopped talking to me. he didn’t answer my calls or text messages. It took about 3 weeks for me to hear anything from him. he told me that he had gotten someone pregnant and he didn’t know how I would take it so he just decided to stop talking to me. I asked him what harm would one more kid do? I wasn’t bothered by it at first but he decided that he needed to be with the women since she was pregnant by him. I move out of LA and he and I just drifted apart.

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