I forgot!

I just realized this morning that I missed a Doctors appointment. I find myself forgetting everything. I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth, I can’t remember to take my meds, I can’t remember when my mom asks me to do something, I can’t remember to move my car on street cleaning day. this is starting to be a problem. I don’t know what is causing this major memory lost but I don’t like it. When I have somewhere to go I have to come back in the house at least twice because I forgot something two days ago I was going to go put some gas in my car, I went to the car, started it up and realized I forgot my purse. So I walked back in the house to get it, my step dad came in about 20 minutes later and said “you going somewhere?” I said “no why?” He said “well you got your car running in the drive way.”
Yes it’s that bad. I wonder what I need to do to fix this memory problem I’m having. I know it’s not normal.

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