My Last Week

So many changes in my life during this last week. just as I clicked “publish post” on my last blog my hard drive crashed. I have been trying to live with no laptop for a week and two days. To my surprise life has gone on with no interruption.

Where do I start?

MY mom…. she is dealing with the chemo so much better. She is able to get up and she hasn’t been as sick as she was the first week. The expected has happened and she took it with a smile. When she told me she was going to be going thru the chemo I told her that I would cut my hair if hers fell out that way we could be bald together. On Sunday June 15th she began to unbraid her french braids. As she loosened her braids her hair was simply falling off her head in clumps. The more she would unbraid the more she lost. There was more hair on the bed then there was on her head. I took a pair of scissors and cut the few strands of hair that were left then I went into the living room and began to take out my 16 inch weave. After I took out my weave I began to call and text my hair stylist friends to see who I could go to and get my hair cut into a cute style. I called a friend of mines named Vera. Vera is a beautiful women who is also friends with my mom. I told her about my moms hair and asked her if she could cut mines she said sure. Vera shaved all her hair off months ago and she has kept it that way for a while. I went to her house later that night and she asked me why I was trying to rock a short cut instead of shaving my head bald. She reminded me that my mom didn’t get to choose a cute cut. She stated that I shouldn’t half support my mom and I should just shave it off.

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One thought on “My Last Week

  1. You look beautiful, no matter what you do with your hair. I love you! You have been the best friend I’ve had ever since I can remember. 🙂

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