A list of HIV positive people?

A popular website has decided to create a list of HIV positive people. The list didn’t include any type of prevention message or education. It didn’t include any relevant information on how people have managed to live longer healthier lives, I don’t know how I feel about the fact that this list exist. I wonder why such a list needs to be posted online anyway. I know one of the people named on the list. I contacted her and asked her if she was informed or asked about being added to this list. her answer was no.

OUTRAGEOUS! granted my friend is a public activist and has appeared on numerous PSA’s and talk shows, she wrote a book about her life, and she has made it her goal to inform anyone who will listen about the importance of testing and early detection. Her HIV status is no secret yet this list is not something she would have chosen to be apart of. It doesn’t matter how open one is about their HIV status their disclosure should still be at their discretion. I blog and talk about living with HIV but my disclosure comes with a message to help cure the world of stigma, My goal is to cure this virus thru educating and informing the next generations about the positive choices they need to make in order to remain HIV negative. My goal is to show HIV positive people, that life is still beautiful and full of opportunity. I would never agree to having my name added to such a cold and ostracizing list.

What is the purpose of this list? Is there a list of bi-polar people? Is there a list of people with high blood pressure? What about a list of ignorant people?

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