Fashion Model, Diva, Beauty Queen, HIV positive



I have heard many people say “you can be any thing you want to be if you pot your mind to it” I never believed in that saying because I couldn’t be HIV negative no matter how hard I tried. I had to learn how to deal with the cards that god dealt me and still win the game.

Next month I’m going to compete in The Ethnic World Beauty Pageant

Ive been working on the question and answer section trying to word my answers in a way that show the judges who I am. I’m happy with the work Ive done so far but I totally forgot about the fact that I need CLOTHES!!!! what am I going to wear? It has to be perfect but I don’t even know what that is lol HELP!!!!!!! I’m open for suggestion on where to go and who to call. I’m also looking for friends to come be apart of the audience and support my as I go for the crown. I need your support! please feel free to e-mail me for more information

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