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Where Did All The Water Go?

Its almost been a year since my last blog. I was overwhelmed with frequent trips to the Dr. and trying very hard to remember to take my complera, folic acid, and prenatal vitamins. I also had the challenge of trying to finish the classes that I started, exercise, eat healthy, drink lots of water and get lots of rest all while puking every time I even thought about food. My pregnancy was positively beautiful but towards the end I was just ready for it to be OVER!!! To my surprise I made straight A’s in all my classes and I made it through the summer without melting away.
On November 20th I went with my mom to her medical appointment. She and I go to the same clinic. She suggested that I go get my Fetal stress test done since I was there that day. My appointment was for the following day and if I did the test and ultra sound while I was there we could have used the next day to go to the movies. I stopped in the bathroom and took a selfie in the mirror before going to the room that I would be stuck in for the next half hour. I sat in the reclining chair and let the nurse attached the fetal heart rate monitor to my round belly. My daughter had a strong steady heartbeat. The Nurse checked the results and asked me if I felt the contractions (I still don’t know what a contraction feels like). She squeezed some warm blue gel on my belly and started the ultra sound. I watched the monitor as she measured the dark areas to see how much amniotic fluid was around the baby. I was use to seeing larger areas of fluid and so was the nurse. She informed me that she was going to call me doctor because the fluid was getting low enough to cause concern. I was admitted as soon as the nurse hung up the phone and the induction process started that night…… To Be Continnued
last day preg