Archive | February 2016

As long as you’re alive you will NEVER be done

I tried to meditate this morning, and not that listen to chimes and chant ummm kind of meditation but the kind where you clear you mind and stop thinking…. Its very hard to stop thinking. I realized that its never truly quiet. I could hear the traffic of people trying to make it where ever in the world people go a 4am. I heard planes going over head, the crackling of the flame burning on the wick of my tea light candle and some other random unidentifiable noises. I couldn’t keep my eyes closed so as I tried to focus on the burning flame my eyes started to drift to the right. My gaze settled on a pile of dirty clothes in the middle of my living room floor. I swear I just did laundry! where did those clothes come from. I noticed one of my daughters toys laying next to the laundry I thought I pick all her toys up last night. I looked over at the half empty mug of coffee on my end table. Why did I leave that there when I washed the dirty dishes last night. I couldn’t stop all these thought about how dirty my home is. I feel like no matter how much I clean I’m never done.

This is true for life. No matter how much you do as long as you’re alive you will never be done!