Archive | August 2018

The best things in life are not free.

Im learning that there is no such thing as perfect. Even when things seem to be all sunshine and butterflies we have to appreciate the rainy days and caterpillars. I see now that if I try to eliminate the negative the positive wouldn’t be able to shine.  The best things in life come at a price.  You have to pay with your time and your determination to make it through the tough times.  I’m at such a good place in my life right now and I thank God for helping me through the storm so I can enjoy the flowers!

My daughter is growing up so beautifully.  She is a very smart and happy child, who wants for nothing. I’m working and making enough money to provide all of our needs and most of our wants. I would have more time to spend with her if her dad helped out some but I know that as long as I get to hold her in my arms at the start and finish of each day it’s worth it.